Monday, June 8, 2009

Green flag!

The tires have been warmed, the cars fueled, and the drivers have mentally prepared themselves for this extensive race. To the drivers, it doesn't matter if the race is one lap or a thousand, the goal is the same: to cross the line first. Winning brings a certain element unlike any other. The prize money and trophy are relatively unimportant. What they strive for is the glory, the pride, the knowledge that they managed to hold off other talent and that they are the best. Standing atop the podium is the moment drivers prepare for their entire lives and a moment they will have trouble forgetting.  To get there, however, they must first endure hours of grueling forces on both car and driver, weather conditions that are virtually unpredictable, rivalries lasting decades, wrecks that leave everyone gasping for air, and the mental exhaustion of crews that seep out and make every lap seem twice as long. Despite all this, racing is a dream that many children wish come true. It is a dream I have been living since birth. When other children’s first words were “Mommy” or “Daddy,” mine was “car.” When other kids were going to Disney World, I was going to Sebring International Raceway. When my friends had unrealistic wants of ponies and castles, I simply wanted a go-kart. Upon getting that go-kart, others were doing homework while my dad was standing outside our house with a stopwatch, trying to get my lap time from around our block to cut off seconds. I learned how to read from Car and Driver and by the time I was two, I could name every make on the street. Between a beach day and a track day at Homestead Miami Speedway… well, you know where I was.  Oh, and have I mentioned that I’m a GIRL?!

            People all around the world have been living under the impression that girls can’t know anything about cars for far too long. Well, here I am to change that. Every week, I will explore new cars, the excitement of racing, great new ideas being shown on the streets, and much, much more. So buckle up your five-point harness, flip the ignition switch, put it in to first gear, and away we’ll go!

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